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Neons, monochromes, androgyny and pastels dominated the temporarily set runway. Fresh faces and enthusiasm marked the faces of the young models. As 11 popular fashion bloggers from Delhi and Mumbai, came together to highlight the trends of Spring Summer 2013 at the Fashion Bloggers Meet, designer Suneet Varma took charge of picking up the most interesting looks.

Organised by the DLF Promenade, the bloggers had to use apparels, shoes and accessories from the in-house, high street brands at the mall.
“A USA based publisher had said a while back that ‘Every one’s opinion shall matter in the long run’. Bloggers are the most democratic and unbiased opinion-makers. Fashion blogs abroad are really big and have huge reader base. While in India, the blogs might not have reached there yet, but they are a growing. I am an avid follower of such blogs and read them regularly,” said Suneet Verma.
Fashion blogger, Dimpy Kapoor is a trained stylist and writes a blog called Delhistyleblog. It showcases international runway trends, hot styles and works towards suiting them to Indian fashion milieu. For the meet, Dimpy used a combination of pastel and neon. “This year orange is really big. It dominated the recently concluded fashion week as well as the international fashion weeks in London and Milan. I decided to give my 16-year-old subject, a very pretty look. So I picked up a beadwork flapper skirt, a white sequined top and a bright orange jacket and wedge heels. To complete the look, I tied up her hair in a mini bun,” explains Dimpy. She was adjudged the winner.
The looks were judged on the criteria of overall impact, wearibility, originality, detailing and presentation.
Lawyer, human rights activist and a keen fashion blogger Shreya Kalra was the first runner up. Her blog, For The Love Of Fashion And Other Things is more of her personal take on fashion. “For today’s meet, I chose a combination of androgynous and monochrome. I paired a classic white male shirt with a monochrome flairy skirt, giving a very classy-bohemian twist. In addition, I used a spiked sandal to give a grunge look, keeping in mind the SS look along with Rayban Wayfarers. It was an added advantage, that my model had an Uma Thurman look,” smiles Shreya.
Wills India Fashion Week 2013 had kept blogger, Nupur Dayal on her toes. Attending each and every session, weighing her preferences and writing about it on her blog, Joos was hectic. Even after all that, she managed to attend the meet and a second runner’s up slot. “I had a very petite model and keeping her in mind, I decided to use monochrome with a pop of colours here and there. So we used an orange lipstick and blush. I didn’t want it to be loud and underplayed it,” said Nupur.
Writing about fashion requires a keen eye. However, when it comes to practically styling a look, how was the experience? Blogger Shahnaaz Khan sums it up correctly, “While our passion for fashion makes us write about it, I realised how difficult it can be, to practically style a certain look. Designers need to keep so many things in mind. It’s not an easy job.”

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