Tooth decay can be reversed without drilling and filling

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Tooth decay can be stopped, reversed and prevented without the need for the traditional “drill and fill” approach that has dominated dental care for decades, a new study has found.

‘Men have better sense of direction than women’

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Men have a more effective sense of direction and they get to their destination faster than women do, a new study has found.

Adele accused of stealing Kurd song


British pop star Adele has been accused of plagiarism by Turkish music lovers, who say one of the tracks on her latest album is a rip-off of a song by an iconic Kurdish musician.

Star Wars’ director faces hype, history in Force Awakens

A performer dressed as a Stormtrooper greets a young fan in Manchester, northern England.	(Photo: AFP )

The new instalment in the Star Wars movie saga opens in theatres in December against a formidable force: the galactic hopes of devoted fans who have waited a decade to revisit their beloved universe o

Fan’s FB love letter to Adele goes viral

A fan’s Faceb-ook love-letter to Adele has quickly gone viral, receiving over 46,000 likes in under 24 hours.

‘India 2nd most ignorant nation’

India has the “dubious honour” of being the second most ignorant nation in the world after Mexico, according to a survey which posed questions on issues like inequality, non-religious population, fema

Recent developments in the saga of genetically modified (GM) crops have begun to reveal the fault lines of this technology.

Unlike many political leaders who are inclined to shoot from the hip, Congress president Sonia Gandhi takes caution to an extreme.